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2022-09-21: News Headlines

Benjamin Norton (2022-09-20). FBI spied on and harassed Black revolutionary who was killed and set on fire. multipolarista.com The FBI harassed Black revolutionary Darren Seals and compiled a 900-page report on his organizing against racism and police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri, birthplace of Black Lives Matter. He was shot to death in 2016, then set on fire in his car.

Vijay Prashad (2022-09-20). The Roar of a U.S. Warplane Over a Civilian Irish Airport. towardfreedom.org Shannonwatch's objectives are to "end U.S. military use of Shannon Airport, to stop rendition flights through the airport, and to obtain accountability for both from the relevant Irish authorities and political leaders." Vijay Prashad writes from Ireland for Globetrotter.

Kyle Anzalone (2022-09-20). Guantanamo: The White House Is Making a Quiet Effort at Closing America's Infamous Torture Prison. globalresearch.ca

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