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2022-06-10: News Headlines

Staff (2022-06-10). Colombia: Francia Márquez is the Key to Stopping the Fascist Hernández & Winning the Election. orinocotribune.com By Juan Diego Quesada &#1 ; Jun 3, 2022 | Until recently, Gustavo Petro understood politics as a solitary exercise. In his time as congressman he used his position to attack corruption or paramilitarism from the podium. As mayor of Bogota he was criticized by those around him for being reluctant to take the advice of others. Now he has understood that to be the next president of Colombia he needs the help of others, but especially that of Francia Márquez, his vice presidential running mate. | Márquez, an Afro woman who paid for her law studies by working as a maid, has become a phenomenon that has broken all the…

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