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2021-05-01: News Headlines

Liberation Staff-Seattle (2021-05-01). Unmasked at last: All Seattle cops at fascist Jan. 6 rally have been identified. liberationnews.org Community investigation of six Seattle cops present at the Jan 6 rally reveals extensive histories of brutality.

Anonymous007 (2021-05-01). Israel Warns Of War With Iran If Nuclear Deal Result Unsatisfactory. southfront.org Click to see full-size image | On April 29th, Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said that war could begin with Iran, if the results of the US-Iran negotiations on the Nuclear Deal are not satisfactory for Tel Aviv."A bad deal will send the region spiralling into war." | "Anyone seeking short-term benefits should be mindful of the longer-term," he said. "Israel will not allow Iran to attain nuclear arms. Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our plan…

WSWS (2021-05-01). Ten years since WikiLeaks and Assange published the Guantánamo Files. wsws.org The files exposed the lawless global network established by the US and its allies as part of their "war on terror."

William Hogan (2021-05-01). The Ongoing Torture and Medical Neglect of Julian Assange. globalresearch.ca Doctors for Assange was led by Dr. Stephen Frost and his colleagues. | The report below was initially published in The Lancet on June 25, 2020 | Dr. Frost is currently leading a new initiative entitled

Rick Rozoff (2021-05-01). U.S. military intelligence chief: Russia poses existential threat from North to South Pole. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com U.S. military intelligence chief: Russia poses existential threat from North to South PoleRick Rozoff Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, presented his agency's annual World Threat Assessment before the Senate Armed Forces Committee on April 29. The transcript of his testimony runs to fifty-seven pages and is broad in its scope …

sputniknews (2021-05-01). Advanced Weapons Able to 'Destroy US Satellites' Developed by Adversaries, Warns Space Chief. sputniknews.com Previously, the annual threat assessment report of the US Intelligence community released on 13 April cited a diverse array of threats, magnified by rapidly evolving technology, and warned of the broad national security challenges posed by China and Russia.

Staff (2021-05-01). IRGC dismantles hostile group in NW Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 01 (MNA) — IRGC intelligence forces in East Azarbaijan province dismantled a rancorous group dubbed 'Haboot-e Iran'.

WSWS (2021-05-01). New "domestic terrorism" charges brought against fascists who plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer. wsws.org The US Justice Department announced a superseding indictment against six men who were previously charged with felonies in the plot to kidnap and execute the governor of Michigan.

Minnie Bruce Pratt (2021-04-30). Syracuse, N.Y., 'Black Athletes Lives Matter!'. workers.org Syracuse, N.Y. Hundreds of Syracuse University students marched through snow during a Black Athletes Lives Matter (BALM) action against police brutality April 21. The march had been planned for months by student-athlete organizations, but coincidentally took place the day after cop Derek Chauvin's conviction for the murder of George Floyd. . . . |

Joel Wendland-Liu (2021-04-30). 'Predictive policing' is a techno-tool of white supremacy. peoplesworld.org Hollywood presents artificial intelligence as our inevitable future. In the show, Caprica, the prequel to the epic Battlestar Galactica, which centers on a massive struggle between humans and their robot creations, the Cylons, huge amounts of data are combined to produce artificially intelligent machines based on real human lives. Beyond science fiction, however, the big …

Betsey Piette (2021-04-30). Rally demands: MOVE children deserve to rest in peace. workers.org Philadelphia YahNé Ndgo opened the rally outside the Penn Museum in Philadelphia April 28 by denouncing the University of Pennsylvania's sadistic desecration of the remains of two young Black MOVE family members. Ndgo, representing Black Lives Matter Philadelphia, stated: "We can never forget the humanity of Black people, and we . . . |

Ron Jacobs (2021-04-30). From the Foggy Dew. counterpunch.org April 25th was the anniversary of the 1916 Easter rebellion in Ireland. A military failure, that moment in Irish history serves as one of the most important markers of the long struggle for Irish independence from England. After several of the participants were executed or jailed, others fled the country. The nation of Ireland was

Matt Kennard (2021-04-30). Revealed: The UK Government Campaign to Force Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy. globalresearch.ca The UK government paid £8,330 in November 2018 to bring Ecuador's …

Abayomi Azikiwe (2021-04-30). Racism in America: Biden Police Reforms Prove Inadequate to End Misconduct and Brutality. globalresearch.ca As demonstrations erupt across the United States against the oppression inflicted …

AARON (2021-04-30). The CIA Has Been Taking Over for Decades—Even Former Presidents Tried to Warn Us. peoplesparty.org If you're looking for proof the CIA and the whole cavalcade of other intelligence agencies working with them have gotten too big, look no further than the DNI's latest report.: | (As seen on Truman…

sputniknews (2021-04-30). US General Warns China Nuclear Buildup 'On Track to Exceed Previous Projections'. sputniknews.com China's effort to expand its influence was estimated as one of the largest threats facing the United States, according to a major annual intelligence report released on 13 April, which also foresaw Beijing at least doubling its nuclear stockpile over the next decade.

Susan Price (2021-04-30). West Papua: Crackdown feared following Indonesian intelligence chief's death. greenleft.org.au West Papua solidarity activists fear an escalation of violence in West Papua, reports Susan Price.

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