2020-05-20: News Headlines

Kerbie Joseph (2020-05-20). NYC police brutality masked as 'public health' measure. liberationnews.org The vast majority of enforcement-related summons and arrests were disproportionately of Black and Brown people.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2020-05-20). The Case of General Michael Flynn: The Use of Law as a Political Weapon. globalresearch.ca The audacious corruption of the FBI and the US Department of Justice (sic) is demonstrated by their frame-up of the three-star general, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump. | US Department of …

Melvin Goodman (2020-05-19). How the New York Times Enhances Trump's Propaganda. counterpunch.org The mendacity of Donald Trump is without parallel in the history of American presidential politics. His lies, as tabulated by the Washington Post's fact checker, number in the thousands. U.S. truth tellers have become Trump's favorite targets as Inspectors General, federal judges, intelligence officers, and the nation's media face constant punishment and harassment from the White

Staff (2020-05-09). Wall Street Is Profiting From Police Brutality. therealnews.com Taxpayers are paying double for police brutality settlements thanks to cities and towns buying bonds from Wall Street to finance payouts for officer misconduct. San Diego cop watcher Kat from Irate Productions discusses recent police harassment of unarmed residents.

Whitney Webb (2020-04-28). Douglas Valentine Interview — How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam. thelastamericanvagabond.com Interview Transcript: Whitney: Today I am joined by the legendary author and researcher Doug Valentine, whose books, including "The CIA as Organized Crime," among several others, are essential reading for understanding how covert and illegal intelligence operations have shaped, and continue to shape, conflict and policy in the U.S. and beyond. In this interview, we …

Andrey Areshev (2020-05-19). Turn Out the Lights, Russiagate Is Over. strategic-culture.org The possibility that Trump will not chicken out this time, and rather will challenge the Security State looms large since he felt personally under attack. | Ray McGOVERN | Seldom mentioned among the motives behind the persistent drumming on alleged Russian interference was an over-arching need to help the Security State hide their tracks. | The need for a scapegoat to blame for Hillary Clinton's snatching defeat out of the jaws victory also played a role; as did the need for the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank complex (MICIMATT) to keep front and center in the minds of Ame…

Marko Marjanović (2020-05-19). Hunger, Misery, Chaos, Brutality, and Humiliation: The Nightmare That Is India's Lockdown. anti-empire.com Related: twitter.com/Anurag_Dwary/status/1261937458629029888 | twitter.com/satishjha/status/1262438101659648001 | twitter.com/Benarasiyaa/status/1262274561837539328 | twitter.com/KanwardeepsTOI/status/1244508599038009344 | twitter.com/Benarasiyaa/statu

imperial.ac.uk (2020-05-20). Podcast: Britain's brains, COVID-19 at the GP, and a green economic recovery. imperial.ac.uk In this edition: Britain's intelligence and mental health, COVID-19's impact on primary care, and a sustainable economic recovery after the pandemic.

RT (2020-05-17). DHS & FBI fear more attacks on 5G infrastructure fueled by Covid-19 conspiracies. rt.com The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies are worried that conspiracy theories, bizarrely linking the Covid-19 pandemic to the 5G technology rollout, could inspire more vandalism and violence in the US. | The DHS, FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center issued a joint warning to US law enforcement officials about the growing threat this week, while a separate DHS intelligence report,