2019-09-05: Social Media Postees

Big Tech & Big Brother meet at Facebook HQ to discuss how to 'secure' US elections
rt.com | 2019-09-05
Security teams for Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft met with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence's office to coordinate a strategy to secure the 2020 elections. | The tech platforms met with government officials at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters on Wednesday, the company has confirmed, boasting that Big Tech and Big Brother have developed a "comprehensive strategy" to get control of previous election-related "vulnerabilities" while "analyzing and getting ahead of new threats." | Facebook has scrambled to get in front of the 2020 election after being…

Curious "Anti-Authoritarian" Definitions and Divides
Bruce E. Levine | counterpunch.org | 2019-09-05
Some Trump supporters tell me that they and their hero are anti-authoritarians. Trump admirers see Trump as rising to power challenging illegitimate authorities; however, they neglect the crucial reality that Trump demands unquestioning obedience to him which, by definition, makes him an authoritarian. Trump's faithful also neglect the reality that Trump himself sees his supporters as authoritarians who unquestioningly follow him…

More Than 30 Groups Demand Law Enforcement Ban on Facial Recognition Technology
Staff | truthout.org | 2019-09-05
| A diverse coalition of advocacy groups representing more than 15 million people launched a grassroots pressure campaign Thursday calling on local, state, and federal lawmakers to completely ban law enforcement use of facial recognition technology, which the organizations warn is "spreading like an epidemic" and poses a dire threat to fundamental privacy rights. | "Facial recognition is one of the most authoritarian and invasive for…

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Praises Pinochet in Chile
Staff | truthdig.com | 2019-09-04
RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro criticized on Wednesday U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet, who is from Chile, by praising that country's 1973 military coup. | Bachelet "forgets that her country is not Cuba only thanks to the courage of those who stopped the left in 1973," Bolsonaro wrote on his Facebook page, adding that among the communists that were defeated then was her father. | Bachelet's father Alberto, an air force officer who opposed Gen. Augusto Pinochet during the coup, was imprisoned and tortured. He died in captivity in 1974. | The president's comments came as the U.N…

New technologies, artificial intelligence aid fight against global terrorism
United Nations | un.org | 2019-09-04
Although terrorists have become skilled at manipulating the Internet and other new technologies, artificial intelligence or AI, is a powerful tool in the fight against them, a top UN counter-terrorism official said this week at a high-level conference on strengthening international cooperation against the scourge.

Racist Ideology and Practice Rooted in Speciesism
David Cantor | dissidentvoice.org | 2019-09-03
When perceived authorities like President Trump designate immigrants "animals," they authorize abuse of those officially disparaged people. Conscience-challenged people predictably seek to enhance their status by carrying out apparent or explicit wishes of adored "leaders." Trump probably has not personally killed or rounded up anyone. Neither have many other authoritarian despots whose policies and rhetoric …

UN experts decry torture of Rakhine men and boys held incommunicado by Myanmar's military
United Nations | un.org | 2019-09-03
Allegations of torture and ill-treatment leading to the death of ethnic Rakhine men and boys being held in incommunicado detention by Myanmar's military, has prompted three independent UN rights experts to call for an end to the practice and for "credible, independent" investigations.

Refugees Returned to Mexico Face Physical & Psychological Torture in US, Danger in Mexico
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-09-01
Laura Carlsen spoke to asylum seekers in Tijuana, Mexico, who were turned back at the US-Mexico border. They tell about harrowing experiences with US border patrol and the dangers they face in Mexico…

How Solitary Confinement Kills: Torture and Stunning Neglect End in Suicide at Privately Run ICE Prison
José Olivares | theintercept.com | 2019-08-29
Guards at an ICE jail put Efraín Romero de la Rosa in solitary confinement despite a diagnosis of schizophrenia. He killed himself after 21 days.

Brazil Isn't the Only Far-Right Government Destroying the Planet
Basav Sen | progressive.org | 2019-08-24
As the Amazon burns, the terrifying parallels between the U.S. and Brazilian governments highlight the damage authoritarian leaders are doing.

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