2019-04-09: News Headlines

WSWS (2019-04-09). Algerian army purges intelligence agencies as anti-regime protests grow. wsws.org Amid growing popular distrust of the army, the army is firing top intelligence officials implicated in the regime's crimes during Algeria's bloody 1992-2002 civil war.

James Wright (2019-04-08). UN special rapporteur warns the Tory government about torture and press freedom. thecanary.co United Nations special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer has warned Britain's Conservative government about possible violations of the human rights of a journalist. Melzer … | Read more UN special rapporteur warns the Tory government about torture and press freedom | By James Wright

Consortiumnews (2019-04-06). Consortium News' Record on Russia-gate—How CN Covered the 'Scandal': No. 5—'Spooks Spooking Themselves'. consortiumnews.com On Thursday Daniel Lazare wrote a review of a book about how intelligence agents set up aspects of the "collusion" story. But in May 2018 Lazare had already begun figuring out the story for himself. By Daniel Lazare Special to… Read more →

Michael Edison Hayden, Intelligence Project (2019-04-05). Twitter locked me out of my account for reporting on extremists. splcenter.org Twitter temporarily suspended my account this week after I posted a tweet that opposed far-right extremism.

Alex Kane (2019-04-05). A Top Progressive Consulting Firm Is Doing PR for an Israeli Spy Company. theintercept.com A prominent political communications shop that works on Democratic campaigns, employs Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign alums, and boasts of its role in the fight for gun control and LGBT equality is representing an Israeli firm notorious for selling powerful surveillance technology to authoritarian governments around the world. | NSO Group, which is facing multiple lawsuits charging that its technology was used to spy on journalists and dissidents, hired SKDKnickerbocker to help with media inquiries as the spy firm tri…

Consortiumnews (2019-04-04). The Tale of a 'Deep State Target'. consortiumnews.com Daniel Lazare reviews George Papadopoulos's book about his misadventures with a nest of intelligence agents. By Daniel Lazare Special to Consortium News Now that Russian collusion is dead and buried thanks to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the big question is… Read more →

Kevin Gosztola (2019-04-03). Supreme Court Deems Torture Of Prisoners During Executions Permissible. shadowproof.com The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Missouri may use lethal injection against a prisoner with a medical condition that will cause him to choke to death on his blood.

Democracy Now! (2019-04-02). Headlines for April 2, 2019. democracynow.org Whistleblower: WH Security Clearances Reversed Despite Serious Concerns, Senate Shoots Down Disaster Relief Bills as Fight over Puerto Rico Aid Intensifies, Trump: GOP Planning "Really Great" Healthcare Plan for After 2020 Election, U.K.: Lawmakers Shoot Down 4 Brexit Options as Impasse Continues, Algeria: Pres. Bouteflika to Resign as Protesters Call for Systemic Changes, West Bank: Israelis Shoot and Kill Palestinian Man During Raid, Brunei: U.N. Raises Alarm as LGBT Community Threatened by Death Penalty Law, SCOTUS Rules Against Man Who Says Lethal Injection Would Feel Like Torture, U.S.-Mexico Border Shutdown…

splcenter (2019-03-28). Solitary Confinement: Inhumane, Ineffective, and Wasteful. splcenter.org Around the world and increasingly in the United States, there's a growing consensus that solitary confinement of incarcerated persons is, at best, an ineffective and inhumane practice with little or no carceral benefit and, at worst, outright torture.

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