2019-03-13: News Headlines

Nafeez Ahmed (2019-03-13). Whistleblowers Say NSA Still Spies on American Phones in Hidden Program. mintpressnews.com INSURGE INTELLIGENCE — On Monday 4th, the New York Times reported that the National Security Agency has "quietly" shut down a controversial phone records surveillance program revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. | The claim was made…

Steve Sweeney (2019-03-13). British Intelligence Masterminded the Miami Showband Massacre in Northern Ireland? Survivor Claims in New Documentary. globalresearch.ca Musician Stephen Travers hopes a new documentary on a notorious massacre in the north of Ireland during the Troubles will lead to justice almost 50 years later. | In a new Netflix documentary released later this month he says that the …

Binoy Kampmark (2019-03-12). China, Australia and Coal Mania. counterpunch.org Fear them for their technology; fear them for their ideology and their authoritarianism. But embrace interference and involvement in the economy if it involves coal. This is the fancy hypocrisy of Australian politics, one driven to lunacy and inconsistency by that dark and dirty love. The contrast between a fear of Huawei, on the one More

RT (2019-03-12). Pentagon plans to spend $2.6 billion on developing hypersonic weaponry. rt.com The US defense budget proposal for FY 2020 boasts a record-breaking research and development request, as the Pentagon seeks to get its hands on all the shiny new things, such as artificial intelligence and hypersonic weaponry.

Democracy Now! (2019-03-07). Andrew Bacevich: The U.S.-Saudi Relationship Is a Principal Source of Instability in the Middle East. democracynow.org We look at a number of recent developments in U.S.-Saudi relations, a day after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a confirmation hearing for retired four-star general John Abizaid to become U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia. On Monday, the Trump administration gave a private briefing to senators on the investigation into the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October. Senators slammed the briefing for providing no new information. Meanwhile, The New York Times has revealed new details about the jailing and torture of a doctor with…

Democracy Now! (2019-03-07). U.S. Has Supplied UAE $27B in Arms Despite Nation's Links to Torture, Mercenaries & Child Soldiers. democracynow.org We look at how U.S. weapons are supporting the ongoing devastation in Yemen with William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. He is the author of a new report about the role the United Arab Emirates has played in Yemen. It is titled "'Little Sparta': The United States-United Arab Emirates Alliance and the War in Yemen." We also speak with Ruhan Nagra, the executive director of the University Network for Human Rights, and Radhya Al-Mutawakel, chairperson of the Mwatana Organization for Human Rights. They recently published an investigation into the role of U.S.

Lucas Koerner — Mint Press News (2019-02-25). The Global Left and the Danger of a Dirty War in Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com Lucas Koerner warns that the Global North "left" critique of "authoritarianism" in Venezuela serves as ideological cover for the current coup and impending dirty war pushed by Washington.

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