2019-02-12: News Headlines

Human Rights Watch (2019-02-12). Egypt: A Move to Enhance Authoritarian Rule. hrw.org | | Egyptian policemen standing guard outside a polling station with an electoral banner depicting incumbent President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi seen with a caption reading in Arabic 'for the sake of Egypt we will continue the story of a nation', in the capital Cairo's central neighborhood of Zamalek, March 26, 2018. | © 2018 Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images | (Beirut) — Proposed amendments to Egypt's constitution, including granting the armed…

Andrew Korybko (2019-02-12). Is America's "Deep State" Divided over the Taliban Peace Talks? globalresearch.ca Not everyone in America's permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies ("deep state") is on the same page regarding the ongoing Taliban peace talks, especially when it comes to the official role of increasingly irrelevant Kabul in this process. | Acting Defense …

RT (2019-02-12). Trump orders US agencies to turbocharge AI research and ensure American dominance. rt.com President Donald Trump has compelled federal agencies to step up research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) with a new order, calling the US lead in AI of "paramount importance" to America's national security.

Paul Street (2019-02-08). Why Ann Coulter Has Power: U.S. Politics are Authoritarian by Design. counterpunch.org Recently a correspondent from overseas wrote to ask me how it is that Donald Trump perseveres with his absurd nativist demand — replete with threats of a second government shut-down or a Declaration of National Emergency — for a completed wall to stop a fake and racist brown menace on the southern United States border despite the fact that his demand and his threats are opposed by a solid majority of U.S.-Americans. More

Shared by Jocelyn Dombroski (2019-02-07). Trump Withdrawing from Old Wars While Threatening Iran with New One. therealnews.com While Trump is withdrawing US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, he is ramping up aggression against Iran — acting both less and more hawkish than his intelligence agencies. Trita Parsi says Washington is violating international law in its campaign to isolate and strangle Tehran

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