2019-02-11: News Headlines

Hans Stehling (2019-02-11). Eurovision 2019 Song Contest, to be Hosted by Israel: The Only "Democracy" Worldwide that Has Killed over Two Thousand Children. globalresearch.ca Holding the Eurovision Song Contest near to where 2172 Palestinian children have been killed since 2000, disregards the extreme brutality of the occupying military force of the host country. | Over two thousand dead children are equivalent to the massacre of …

WSWS (2019-02-11). French "yellow vests" hold 13th protest against social inequality, police brutality. wsws.org After the National Assembly voted a reactionary "anti-hooligan law" allowing police to ban protests without court rulings, a 13th "yellow vest" protest went ahead amid tensions with police.

RT (2019-02-10). Man's testicles tasered during horrific police arrest (VIDEO). rt.com Disturbing bodycam video shows Arizona cops tasering a man 11 times, including on the testicles, as his horrified family scream for them to stop. The police are now being sued for "excessive force and torture."

Paul Street (2019-02-08). Why Ann Coulter Has Power: U.S. Politics are Authoritarian by Design. counterpunch.org Recently a correspondent from overseas wrote to ask me how it is that Donald Trump perseveres with his absurd nativist demand — replete with threats of a second government shut-down or a Declaration of National Emergency — for a completed wall to stop a fake and racist brown menace on the southern United States border despite the fact that his demand and his threats are opposed by a solid majority of U.S.-Americans. More