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2018-09-26: News Headlines

Philip Giraldi (2018-09-25). The Path to World War III? globalresearch.ca The minimal U.S. press coverage accorded to last Monday's shooting down of a Russian intelligence plane off the coast of Syria is, of course, a reflection both of lack of interest and of Israel's involvement in the incident. If one …

Micah Uetricht (2018-09-25). Accused Torturer Jon Burge Died Last Week, but His Legacy of Brutal, Racist Policing Lives on in Chicago. theintercept.com Jon Burge's torture was a particularly morbid symptom of a much larger problem of racism and brutality among Chicago cops.

RT (2018-09-25). Chinese national arrested in US for allegedly acting as agent of Beijing. rt.com In a move likely to hit relations already soured by a bitter trade war and election interference accusations, the US has now arrested a Chinese national it accuses of working as an unregistered foreign agent.

RT (2018-09-25). Amnesty International wants Kavanaugh vetting process halted over alleged role in post-9/11 torture. rt.com The US branch of Amnesty International has dived into the heated debate on whether US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is morally fit for the office, calling for his role in the post-9/11 torture program to be highlighted.

RT (2018-09-20). US slaps Chinese arms procurer with sanctions for buying advanced Russian weapons. rt.com US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has authorized the addition of 33 Russian defense and intelligence officials and entities to the ever-growing US sanctions list and also targeted a Chinese military entity for buying Russian arms.

aclu (2018-09-19). Trump Is Unshackling America's Drones Thanks to Obama's Weakness. aclu.org Obama didn't do enough to curtail America's drones. Now expansion under Trump could have devastating consequences. | The piece was originally published by The Guardian. | For more than a decade, the worst-kept secret in the world has been the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency owns and operates lethal drones outside of recognized battlefields abroad. Newspapers blare it from their Last Process: 6 Citations 2018-09-26 08:31:13 GMT (02:32 MDT)